Monday, June 29, 2009


A snail has climbed 1.70 cm high up a rather thin stem of the valerianplant
It does not say how long the journey took him to get there.


Beth Niquette said...

Hello, my inspiring friend! Again, your photos just fill my eyes, and I gasp as the picture on your blog reveals itself.

I have a little surprise for you! I have awarded you the Nemo Award. You can read about yourself, and pick up the award at

(grin) Have a wonderful day!

iwings said...

Oh thank you very much!
What surprise...

I realy feel honored by giving me the Nemo-Award.
so much thanxxxx!

iwings said...

Hi Beth,
Is it Neno-or Nemo-Award?
on the pic it says Neno.
I wonder...what does the word mean?
I first was thinking of Disneys film 'finding Nemo'...
but if it is Neno..then I might refer to something else...
do you know?