Friday, June 05, 2009

screaming flycatchers

The baby-flycatchers are screaming all day
I can even hear them in my house, while the nest-box is far at the street-side.
I saw the young yesterday coming up in the hole.
that means they have grown very much last couple of days.

I sat in hiding a while...waiting what prey the parent would bring and
if the young would show themselves again.
I was lucky.
Lots of screaming open beaks!
which were filled quickly by father.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, heehee...I was mezmerized by the adult birds, but when I scrolled down to the big mouthed baby birds, I laughed right outloud.

What darlings!

I rescued a tiny little chickadee fledgling this morning. My son's cat brought him in. I put him into a box lined with towels until he felt better, then created a nice warm place for him to sit in a hanging gord way up in our walnut tree.

He's still there, snuggled down next to the gord's opening, peeking out. He was calling to his parents, so I think he's going to be fine.

What a darling. I should have taken a picture. Chickadees are one of my very favorite birds...because they love to fly in the teeth of the storm.

We had such a storm yesterday, makes me wonder if this litte guy somehow fell out of his nest.

iwings said...

Oh you have the same problems with your cats...& birds
I thought only Bibi was a monster :-)
How nice to read, how you care for the little fledgling.
I hope his mom will hear him soon.