Sunday, April 29, 2007

queen 11

Queen 11 still in hiding.
faith perseveres.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

5 little owls eggs

The backdoor is open...for a minute
to be seen 5 beautiful little owls eggs.

Little owl sits turned around at the back.
But she is definitely a beauty

little owls house

This afternoon I went to J's house( The man who gave me the Butterfly's glasshouse).
He has an orchard where he has of course apple trees and so.
But as he told me, he has a pair of little owls living in one of his apple trees.
I asked him, I would love to make photos of the whole proces of breeding.
and the answer was yes...!

These little owls have every year a couple of little, 'baby-little-owls'.
so here these little owls have their house.
to be seen is the front porch... the side wing, and the backdoor.

Behind the backdoor are now 5 little owls eggs!

queen 11

The last package did not yet unwrap today.
Been waiting for hours, to see this happen again,
don't want to miss this last chance.
looking all the time to a dead looking branch,
its looks almost the same as the dead branch where it sits on.

If you didn't know, you easily overlook and ignore the thing.
It even looks worthless, of a nothing thing.
hidden away for no one to see.
While on the living this beautiful, radiant, colorful, butterfly

I do know that it is inside...
but for the normal eye not yet to be seen.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Queen 11

The last queen, 11, decided to stay into his cocoon for today.
Probably not yet ready .
They exactly know when they are ready to go.

Helping them out, would cause a disaster...
because then they certainly gone die...
they need to work themselves out, all by itself.
Otherwise they don't develop strength,
and they stay weak and are unable to fly.

so another day of watching on my post tomorrow.

Large white

Large white ready for going into freedom.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

queen 9

Queen 8 had come out... before I was able to see...
much earlier this morning, than the others came out, so I was not cameraready.
You cannot tell when they plan to come,
they don't screem or yell, to announce birthing.
So its very easy to miss the exact moment.

Queen 10 planned to come, while queen 9 was kind of twins again.
3 queens came out and 1 large white!
There is now only one green cocoon left.
Maybe tomorrow... he's coming?

more transformations

This morning... the butterfly of the Large white or Cabbage white(Pieris Brassicae). suddenly came out of the cocoon.
I had found this cocoon sept 16 last year and tried to save him too .

Surprise to me, because I had to remove the cocoon earlier this year from the window framework, because of restaurationwork on the house.
I had glued the little windings of the safetybelt on a little stick that the cocoon would hang again in the 'safetybeltmode'.
I (never done this before) did not know of course if the transportation had succeeded.
But happily the large white... came gloriously out...
only had not waited for me to support the coming out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

on the wings

Queen number 6 and 7 are born today.
like a twin they came together at the same time.

Here one of them on the the wisteria (blue rain),
before he took off... high!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

queen 4&5

Today queen 4 and 5 came out...
Unique pictures, of the fifth queen
to be seen from the first crack to open up...
going into freedom.

Monday, April 23, 2007


A closer view on her eyes!


Again I new birth today!
Now I did see her all the way through come out...
she popped out instantly
in seconds...
click images for better view

I did fix a very short mpg but how to get that in blogger?
I first have to find out 'the how to'

what happened to the bees?

What happened to the bees..who were searching for a home around my head?
On the web I found close by a bee-keeper!
He was interested in having the bees for a friend there he came.
He asked me to spray the bees with water a little to become quiet.
So I did..
and thought to myself that the rain wave which I used to chase them away
was not such a bad idea at all, but a bit premature...

He then managed perfectly all the bees in a beehive
meanwhile the bees.... severely buzzing and making noises all the time.
You could feel the heat-energy of flapping wings.
He said they spread a kind of scent, while they would recognize each other as a colony.
He waited a few hours till dark, so that the whole colony would get into the hive also...
than took them all for a ride!
byebye bees

so all the bees have a new home now!

2 more transparant cocoons

This morning I noticed that one of the green cocoons has become transparent.
Also one more of the grey browns have changed more orange.
click images..and then you can clearly see the wings shine through...
specially the green one shows it clearly.

so .... today or birth expected.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

playing leaf

up a tree...playing leaf..then flew off to the east.
The other one, yesterdays flew to the south.

full view

Here she is...full view..spread wings.
a bit wobbly yet on her legs.
going to the violets for a drink.
and then....ffffffffttt on the wings!

Queen 2 birthed

This afternoon the second queen butterfly,(Koninginnepage,Swallowtail,Papilio Machaon)
came out of his cocoon.

Though I was fully equipped and prepared for the birthing...
while talking with my good friend K., meanwhile keeping an eye on the cocoon, right next to me..
I saw out of a corner of my eye..suddenly..pfffft there she was!
It went all so quick..that I could not believe my eyes!
Quickly took position, while she was shaking the wings..and following in the process of getting them filled.
Again amazing astounding process going on right before my eyes...
Real time seeing it is different than seeing the picture,
capturing the awe is only done in part.

blue cloud

In contrast to the black/grey cloud hovering and haunting all over my garden,
I have to show the blue cloud, of blue rain, which has grown bigger ...
to the size of a mans hand. 1kings 18:44

Saturday, April 21, 2007


After a while, when the most severe danger of attack was fading a little,
I got to my camera again, just going on making photos of this beautiful butterfly.
I just tried to ignore the intruders, who were seemingly a little less angry.
Later I saw them going altogether into a huge swarm in one of my conifer trees...
Way too close by.... in my oppinion.

Who wants a free swarm of bees?
The bees are looking for a new home!
I know some bee-keepers would be very happy with such a huge honeymakingteam.

wild attack

While I was busy photographing this birth of butterfly...
Suddenly ...out of nowhere...
buuuzzzzzz, buzzz, angry buzzzzzing...

and even louder buzzing
swarming around my head.... in my garden..
enormous...flight of.... what I later saw were bees, it could be wasps too.
at first I could not discern clearly.

I could not believe my eyes...
had to go inside, because they came flying all around me, way too close...!
they even flew inside the house.
Being a pincushion...was not on my agenda...
but they disturbed all my IMPORTANT photographing!
what a lousy mean... trick.
I sprayed some water, with my water wave..
for watering plants, but now for frighten them, so they would go some place else,
They even got more wild!!!!!
So I stopped the water wave.
and waited.