Monday, April 23, 2007

what happened to the bees?

What happened to the bees..who were searching for a home around my head?
On the web I found close by a bee-keeper!
He was interested in having the bees for a friend there he came.
He asked me to spray the bees with water a little to become quiet.
So I did..
and thought to myself that the rain wave which I used to chase them away
was not such a bad idea at all, but a bit premature...

He then managed perfectly all the bees in a beehive
meanwhile the bees.... severely buzzing and making noises all the time.
You could feel the heat-energy of flapping wings.
He said they spread a kind of scent, while they would recognize each other as a colony.
He waited a few hours till dark, so that the whole colony would get into the hive also...
than took them all for a ride!
byebye bees

so all the bees have a new home now!

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