Saturday, April 21, 2007

wild attack

While I was busy photographing this birth of butterfly...
Suddenly ...out of nowhere...
buuuzzzzzz, buzzz, angry buzzzzzing...

and even louder buzzing
swarming around my head.... in my garden..
enormous...flight of.... what I later saw were bees, it could be wasps too.
at first I could not discern clearly.

I could not believe my eyes...
had to go inside, because they came flying all around me, way too close...!
they even flew inside the house.
Being a pincushion...was not on my agenda...
but they disturbed all my IMPORTANT photographing!
what a lousy mean... trick.
I sprayed some water, with my water wave..
for watering plants, but now for frighten them, so they would go some place else,
They even got more wild!!!!!
So I stopped the water wave.
and waited.

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