Saturday, October 31, 2009


I think this is winter-robin...who has arrived a while ago.
(Summer-robin had migrated to more southern parts elsewhere.
the robins from more northern parts are coming here.)

I hear him singing and defending his new territory many times a day.
and he gave me a short glimpse...for a photo.

Friday, October 30, 2009

twirling leaf

A leaf had been caught in a spiders thread...
before he could touch the ground.

The sun and the wind played with the leaf.
twirling it around...very fast
letting it twirl slowly... for a while,
and letting it rest for a while...
turning it the other way round.
changing its color...and reflections...

the sun and the wind and the leaf didn't get enough of it
and started the game over and over.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hedge Hog

Didn't see him for a while,
Probably more that I was too busy doing other things,...than that he didn't show up.
Tonight I saw him again, and I could not resist to cuddle him a little,
so that immediately he rolled into a prickly ball.
I gave him some cat-food under his nose.

It took a while for him to recover...daring to smack-smack-smack his treat...
running away in a rush, after he had finished his snack.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


(epilogue of story Emil)

If you ever meet a purle-blue snail in a square house,
sleeping or looking at the stars, under the oak,..... (in the middle of the wood. :-)
than make sure to handle Emil with caution and care.
and give him love and greetings.....from ....Iwings!

©Iwings /Henny Netjes

Monday, October 26, 2009

try-out 19

(Continuing story Emil)
After they had waited till all the paint had dried, it was almost evening.
Hedge Hog then lifted the new purple-blue house with very much caution,
and placed it very carefully on Emils back.
Emil was so delighted to see that the new house fitted perfectly!
and so was Hedge Hog!.

He immediately felt at home in his new house...
as if he always had lived in it...
He was so very happy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Green Emma

Few days ago I received a package, by Snailmail.

One of my friends A. wrote she had found a friend for Emil...
so that Emil was less alone.
In the package sat Green Emma...the new friend for Emil.
So that's so very neat.... !

Thank you A.!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

painting 18

(Continuing story Emil)
Some hours later....
Emil had undone all of his old house.
Then he had collected all the pieces...for never know.

Meanwhile Hedge Hog was painting his new house in purple-blue ,
(because he knew Emil was so fond of this lovely color.)

Emil waited exited,
watching him painting the final brushstrokes.
The new house looked so beautiful with all these windows and a glass door!
Would it fit?

Friday, October 23, 2009

under construction 17

(Continuing story Emil)
After Hedge Hog and Emil had almost finished Emils new house...
It was time to see for Emil if the new house would fit.
Would it be comfortable for his legs...his back...his eyes..without being too tight and narrow?

One thing had to be done first...
to undo his old house.!

that was a bit very scary,
What if the house would not fit as he had undone his old?
that meant: he would become a slug...forever!
a snail without a home... he didn't like even the thought of it.
Yet there was no choice...

Finally Emil took the hammer....and broke down his house.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


the kittens of George, the cat of my friend M.
have grown extremely (see post 2 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago).
They can now drink by themselves but also love to drink at moms.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

at work 16

(Continuing story Emil)
When HedgeHog came back with some glass under his arms,
he found Emil still wondering and dreaming about his new house.

But after some hours, they had fixed almost a complete new house.
Emil held the nails...(of which HedgeHog had enough on his back and shoulders,)
while HedgeHog hammered them in the wood.

Though it was a bit scary for Emil...
quite anxious of being hammered down in the wood himself instead of the nails.
which he didn't want Hedge Hog to he kept himself very brave.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

day-dreaming 15

(continuing story Emil)

After tea, Hedge Hog had gone out, in search for glass...
he said he knew maybe some relations...
the rest of it, Emil had not heard anymore, because he was far away, day-dreaming about his bigger house.
The idea of having a bigger house, felt so much more comfortable for his legs, back and eyes.
even the thought of it eased his stiffness and pains.

Then he wondered how the stars would look like, if you could see them through a glass window....
maybe they were even more shiny and sparkling!

and he would be able to see the sunrise, before going out!

He felt intense happy by all this wonderful ideas....

Monday, October 19, 2009


I love sparrows...
they are so always being together, doing together things.
I don't have them in my garden...(though in my opinion enough space to hide).
how can I convince them...

In my friends garden S&A there is always a group of sparrows tweeting & flying off and on.
So when I was visiting them yesterday I took some shots of their lovely sparrows.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

cake and tea 14

(continuing story Emil)

When they arrived on the spot where Emil lived,
they were rather tired of all effort.
So they first took a break
having cake and tea while resting and wondering how the new house would look like.

Emil said he would like to have a window in his new house, and a glass door,
so that he could look through the window while it was raining or cold,
and looking at the stars at night.
Hedge Hog thought that was a grand idea...

Friday, October 16, 2009

moving tools 13

(continuig story E.Snail)

Emil was very the same time some quite nervous
about all that quickly.

They decided to move the tools, to where Emil lived. (in the middle of the wood)
HedgeHog took all the tools in the drawer on his solid back,
and off they went!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


A few days ago, it had rained over night,
some beautiful drops had formed in the passion flower-curls.
I always love these twirlingcurls...going circling on everything nearby.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tools for Emil 12

(Continuig story E.Snail)

Again a silence fell,
At first, HedgeHog did not know what to say about this impressing problem.

Then he said, while he walked over to his drawer;
I have some tools here,
You may want to use some of these, for building a bigger house.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cocoon 2

This morning, when I awoke I checked the second caterpillar,
to see what had happened to him.

To my surprize he had not waited for me,
during the night he went in cocoon too...
I put the two outside for better be in their natural circumstances.
I hope having some beautiful butterflies next year.

Today I found another caterpillar climbing the wall of my house.
first I thought to let him go...
but maybe to see him transforming would be another chance.
So I collected him in my box to watch over him.

What Now...Emil 11

(continuing story Emil)
A deep silence fell for a moment, after these words...

Emil turned around, staring at his purple-bue house.
Both stared at his house for a while...thinking....being puzzled...
what to do?

Finally Emil said; "Making me smaller is not an option...
I need a bigger house, then."

Monday, October 12, 2009

calculation E.Snail 10

(Continuing story E.Snail)

After being puzzled, Hedge Hog sat down together with Emil.
He wrote some things again....thought for a while...
making some calculations...while Emil looked curious what he was doing.

Then Hedge Hog said:
"either you have grown too big,
or your house is too small..."!
One of them does not fit.

cocoon 1

This morning when I awoke
I immediately checked on the caterpillars.

One had already transformed in cocoon!

the other one, still sitting motionless....waiting.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I could not resist the temptation...
to collect the caterpillars in a box.
for watching the cocooning process.

One of the 3 had already glued himself under the window-sill,
the other two were still running to find a perfect spot.
that was in my little box... ;-)

I put a glass on top so they could not escape.
This morning I found, they had glued themselves ón the glass.
and you can clearly see a small rope around their middle,
which they have been spinning overnight.
now is the waiting for the go cocooning...

as I have followed this process some years ago...
you can follow the whole transformation in more detail of a Swallowtail

go to post labeled: save the Queen...

measuring Emil Snail 9

(continuing story E.Snail)

Have you been in a fight recently?

asked HedgeHog, while he measured-&-magnified his tentacles again,
because they seemed to change size, every time again and again....
which puzzled him greatly.

Emil said he had n't...bearing all the discomfort patiently.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Measuring Emil Snail 8

(Continuing story Emil Snail)

Then Hedge Hog fetched a ruler,
& started to measure Emil's house.

He mumbled something about numbers
wrote some things down on a note,
Thought for a while....deeply.

Friday, October 09, 2009

climbing walls

I don't know....did these caterpillars told each other?
3 different (though looking the same)...are all making up a journey on the walls of my house.
I think they plan to go in cocoon.

as I found one some years ago doing the same thing.
I will keep an eye on them.
It is probably the caterpillar of a Small White (klein koolwitje)

breaking open

Overnight there are 3 new toadstools....(the red ones)
breaking out...

these small beginnings seem to have inmense power
comparing the pile of earth besides them=same size as the small toadstool.