Saturday, October 24, 2009

painting 18

(Continuing story Emil)
Some hours later....
Emil had undone all of his old house.
Then he had collected all the pieces...for never know.

Meanwhile Hedge Hog was painting his new house in purple-blue ,
(because he knew Emil was so fond of this lovely color.)

Emil waited exited,
watching him painting the final brushstrokes.
The new house looked so beautiful with all these windows and a glass door!
Would it fit?


Anonymous said...

Dear Iwings,

Please tell Emil he is very brave. Hedge Hog is helping him the best he can. The only thing I'm worrying about is the pins and nails of Hedge Hog, which maybe had gone through and through and are now on the inside of the house. Emil has to look for them carefully and remove, saw them off or hammer them back before he tries the house. He has hurts and pain enough, I think.

With Love K.

Catherine said...

Oh, Emil... we hope your lovely, new purple-blue house fits perfectly!