Friday, October 23, 2009

under construction 17

(Continuing story Emil)
After Hedge Hog and Emil had almost finished Emils new house...
It was time to see for Emil if the new house would fit.
Would it be comfortable for his legs...his back...his eyes..without being too tight and narrow?

One thing had to be done first...
to undo his old house.!

that was a bit very scary,
What if the house would not fit as he had undone his old?
that meant: he would become a slug...forever!
a snail without a home... he didn't like even the thought of it.
Yet there was no choice...

Finally Emil took the hammer....and broke down his house.


Beth Niquette said...'ve got me hanging....

Have you ever considered doing children's books????

You should think about it!

Anonymous said...

aaaach wat erg van z'n oude huis.
Er is nu geen weg terug meer.
Hopelijk past het mooie nieuwe huisje en is het zelfs zo groot dat er nog ruimte over is......

grt Anneke

Catherine said...

Oh My...I'm "on pins and needles" waiting to see if poor Emil will be alright!
I agree, you should seriously consider writing children's books. This story - and your illustrations - is fabulous!