Thursday, April 30, 2009

another attack

Again the male fly-catcher harassed himself...on a parked car,
when one of my friends came along, who didn't know yet about the flycatchers self-defending-attacks.
You can see by the droppings on the car that the flycatcher is rather undone.
Of course he had to defend his new found home.

Bibi and Tommy posted themselves nearby as a watcher...looking very attentive what's going on.
their look in their eyes tells, the two are ready for attack on this self-attacking little birdy.
the monsters!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

flycatchers new home

Finally the flycatchers-pair decided: "This is the new home" for the new breed.

It took a while...because father flycatcher had a lot of work to chase himself away..
every-time a car was parked near the nestbox...he saw himself in the glass-window,
thinking it was an intruder...
making severely chasing efforts to remove himself from the reflections in the glass.
(See my posts on April 20 and 16)
So next days I asked my visitors to park elsewhere their car.

So after being sure...
the fly catcher and his mate have started to bring their furniture in the new house.
Here you can see the female (who is a little lighter-brown) than the male
bringing in some of their new belongings.


Birds are masterbuilders...

look at this professional motherblackbird.
She knows how to handle some root-wire for building her home.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rain bath

Its raining...all day long.
Good for the garden, after a long warm period with lots of sunshine.

Robin thinks a bath in the the perfect thing to do
dusting off his feathers and a little more rain-making

Monday, April 27, 2009

tommycards and paintingscards

Today one of my friends M. said the link to the 'order-cards-page' was not working.
so.... not so easy for you to find then.
so sorry...
also the 'order-paintingscards' were not easy to find.
she helped me out, to make a shortcutlink.
Yes! so happy with that...!
if you now click the photo 'ordercards' on the sidebar...
there it is!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

after bath

Great-tit doing some rearrangements of his feathers, after having a bath


My wisteria-tree (blauwe regen) started to rain.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

blackbird catching a seed

Blackbird is with one eye.
Then picks exactly the seed out of the soil...
If you click image you can see the seed flying almost into his beak.
then swallow...the thing.
good choice...well done!

Friday, April 24, 2009

red spot

In my garden, almost every plant which grows there,
has blue, purple, violet, pink & white all varieties
They are my favorite colors...

To my surprise last week, there there came out a red tulip..standing all by himself
which I must have planted some x-years ago.
Only this one came out flowering...the other tulips, which I had planted then, were all gone.

It was such a strange outstanding sight...this only red spot between all the greens.
I wanted to make a photo ...but somehow didn't.

Now almost gone...I did.
Its still a peculiar sight....this one red spot in my garden.


In my post of april 13 you saw the same buds,
which are now!
only 11 days later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

robin expressions

robins expressions...loudly gently singing,
but also his looks are very expressive.

Monday, April 20, 2009

attacking selfimage

For several days the flycatcher is attacking his image in a bricklight,
which I put last year in my garden for some extra light on my path.

The glass in front of seamingly reflecting like a mirror.
which he cannot stand...
agressively he is attacking his mirror-image on and on.
thinking its an enemy....a thread!

I wanted first a photo , which he did not let me,
as soon as I came closer to make a photo, he left.
This morning I sat for a while in hiding and waited.
so there he was, after a while...on the attack again,
like a hummingbird hovering for the glass...attacking, chasing away his own reflection. (me and my camera)

Later I taped a kind of plastic foil on the it does not reflect anymore.
I hope for his goodness sake this will help.
so he gets rest and start his inspection for his house again.
to start building his nest, instead of spending all energy on fighting himself.

I was pondering throughout the days...this peculiar behavior.
how-many times do I, or we,...attack ourselves...thinking its our enemy?
seeing ourselves, reflected in the mirror............,
or seeing ourselves reflected thru some-body's eyes.....,
thinking negatively about what we think they might see ?
Or projecting ourselves on someone or something ?
judging, condemning....while meantime we attack, judge ourselves?
It's really a lookingglass-reflection-metaphor.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

other visitors

Some other visitors came to inspect the tree-table
to see if there 's a little something to eat.

storage room

After having eaten full
mother-squirrel is bringing some of her treasures to the storage-room,
Her bank is..... someplace.....hidden under the grass.
I won't tell of course her pin-code.