Thursday, April 16, 2009

fly catcher attack

This morning I saw the male flycatcher inspecting again the birdhouse...
a few moments later the female flycatcher also came for inspection.
She had arrived as well all the way from Africa, (mostly she comes one week later),
this was the first time I saw her.
So...will the house do? will the house be rented?

Later this morning, a car was parked close to the birds house
(I never saw this ...I had heard about it, but never watched it myself...)
The male flycatcher sat on the mirror of the car...
then I saw him attacking his own image in the reflecting glass-window...again, again and again

this went on and on...for more than an hour...

He was defending his territory, and his new house, against that unwanted intruder, that seemed to have an eye on the same birdhouse.!
So he kept on attacking himself in the glass...
and this would continue for the next couple of hours, if he did not get some help.
So we decided to remove the car to another place.

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Beth Niquette said...

I just adore this set of photos. They fill my eyes, and I am envious. (Grin)