Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Small 13

Turntle picked him up again and shook him to the core of his being.
Saying:'I am turning you not only upside down,
but I am turning you within.
from the outside to the inside,
so that you get insight
and from there you will be able to see beyond'.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Goldfinch, Putter

To my great amazement, when I looked out of my window, talking to a visiting friend, that I stopped in the middle of our conversation and stared at this bird!
I had recently gone to a friend to make photo's of this bird having a nest with young.
but now the bird was in my garden too!
This bird I see rarely.
The Goldfinch, Putter or Carduelis carduelis) sitting in my garden!
Such a special bird. red mask on his face and yellow feathers on the side.

See also the link to this post in 2012, when I saw the bird for the first time in my garden en
why it has a special meaning for me

Saturday, July 13, 2019


The squirrel that jumped into my pond a few days ago,
came back to see if he could find something.
I had found some old nuts in my cupboard and had laid them outside on a table.
When I walked into my atelier the next morning,
he sat there really enjoying his new found nuts.
He sat there, taking his time to crack and eat them on the spot.
Mostly they run away with it, but he stayed there for quite some time,
so that I could make some pics.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Small 12

Turntle put Small on his back on his belly and looked him straight in the eye.
'Don't be afraid', said Turntle,
'When turning around,  you see things from another point of view.
Things look different when you see them from the other side.
The other side is not there.
Beyond is not there either.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Squirrel splash

Squirrel came along to see if there was something.
I tried to grab my camera as invisible as I could,
He saw me.
He ran to the left in hiding, than suddenly changed his mind and ran to the right.
He ran so fast that he forgot there is a pond with water in it.
He ran straight into the water, which made me laugh out loud, because the sight was soo funny.
He ran out of the water in one acrobatic jump, leaving me smiling from ear to ear.

Monday, July 08, 2019


This morning I heard the woodpeckers again.
I had put some food for them in a basket and if there is food I mostly will see them.
No food, no woodpeckers.
In a weeks time the young have grown very fast and are not so clumsy anymore.
They feed themselves now, instead of begging all the time.
I also saw both parents.
So there are 5 of them all together.
One with the black head, (the female) and the other (the male) has a red dot in the neck
The young have red on top of their head, like a cap.
Here on these photos, you see the parents and the young.
So beautiful to watch them having breakfast.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Small 11

Continuing Story Small.

'There you are!', said Turntle.
'I nearly wasn't' said Small while he was gasping for his breath.
'This is not fun!
You nearly ticked me off and I wasn't anymore'.
'You're there' said Turntle holding him up in the air for a better look.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Small 10

Continuing Story Small.

After a while Turntle appeared again, back to the surface of the water.
He had turned around on his back and now facing his belly up he had hold on to Small.
saving him from an awkward drowning.

Monday, July 01, 2019

4 green woodpeckers

A few days ago, I noticed the green woodpecker around.
I heard him laughing and I always become happy as I hear him laughing.
and then I noticed there were two of them flying around!

But to my great amazement and surprise
they were yesterday digging in my garden in some ants nests.
And not only 2...suddenly I saw 4 green woodpeckers!!!!!
I could hardly believe it...but so true!!!
3 young  green woodpeckers and one adult feeding.
It was such an amazing astonishing sight.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Small 9

Not only turned Turntle, he completely disappeared under the water.

Small, could not hold on anymore and had to let go of all.
All of his life flashed as a film through his minds eye
and even all of his dreams and expectations...all gone. 
 He yielded to the only One.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Goldfinch young

Yesterday I went to one of my friends house, because a Goldfinch, (Carduelis carduelis), (Puttertje,) was breeding there in the golden rain.( Laburnum,),(Gouden regen).
Its an awesome bird, well known because of the famous painting of Carel Fabritius.
When I arrived, there was only one finch left in the nest, and it was almost certain he would take his wings as well that evening.
After a while waiting for mom or dad-goldfinch showing up, the finch thought it was time to find them. (They did not come because I guess were busy feeding the others who were already out.)
So the last young did some exercise with his wings...and off he was.
Awesome sight, to be just in time to see him taking his wings.
Later I saw one of the parent finches coming to him to give him a little something.