Tuesday, May 31, 2011

starling breakfast

There was also a starling too busy with his family.
Instead of cherries, I saw him having lots of ceepy crawling insects in his beak, for his young.
You can almost determine what is the menu.


In a cherry tree lots and lots of starlings were having a party.
feasting on the cherries that begin to color.

There were more stones than cherries left in the tree.
lots of tweeting & twittering like no' twitter' can compete.

Monday, May 30, 2011

4 Little, little owls

This morning I had an opportunity to come along
and see Little Owls, (Steenuil),(Athene noctua) ringed.
Back in 2007 I had done this too at the same adress.

Now there were 4 beautiful healthy chicks.
Because they live in a dark, birdhouse they had to get used to the bright morninglight.
which they had never seen before.
closing the eyes a bit because of the bright light
4 lovely little little owls.
I love to see them going on the wing.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flycatchers babys

Flycatchers babies are almost done.
Almost time to go out.
Regulary I see the little heads of the babyflycatchers peeking out the hole of the nestbox.
Peeking out to see a new world,
though more interested and very alert when mother or father appears within view,
beak full of flies, and even butterflies, grasshoppers...and beetles.
Its great to see how eager the babies...are begging for food.
Little beaks wide open!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

White Wagtail

Young baby Wagtail

Mother? Wagtail

Father? Wagtail

What I have never seen in my garden is a White Wagtail, (Witte Kwikstaart), (Motacilla Alba)
In the neighbourhood I sometimes see them on the street.
But never in my garden, till today!

I saw mother Wagtail feeding one of her young.(I guess it was the mother)
and the other parent...(which one is the father and which one the mother)
also roaming around, seeking food for his young.

Friday, May 27, 2011

glass sea

Picture a bright clearblue sky and a calm peaceful sea.
Hardly no waves, mirroring the bright blue sky above.
Peaceful atmosphere in the air.

Sometimes our hearts not like that, more are like restless waves of the sea.
no calm no rest ...no peace. ...running and flying here and there.
driven forth by never ending tasks and piles of work-to-do.
difficult circumstances demanding action to solve immediately.

Calming down, becoming peace...is going to The Lord of Peace Himself.
God/Jesus, who says: Come to Me: My burden is light, My yoke is easy.

Coming to Him, laying down our own burdens at His feet,
He then makes your heart like the sea of glass.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yellow Wagtail

On my way home, driving slowly because the surroundings are so beautiful now,
I saw a bird I never saw before!
Of course I had passed him, so slowly driving backwards, I could get a better glimpse.
A Yellow Wagtail, (Gele kwikstaart), (Motacilla flava).
I just had time to make a photo...of this, for me, rare yellow bird.
before he jumped down, to seek hiding.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby common kestrels

Today I had an opportunity to come along and see how babykestrels were getting their ring
I had done this some years ago...same place (2007).
LinkThe parent kestrel, (Falco tinnunculus) (torenvalk,) sat on the house when we arived, but left when we came closer.
You could clearly see there were lots of babys in the house.
I was told there were 6 eggs.
A huge ladder was placed against the pole and birdhouse

As soon as the big bag came down, containing 6 babykestrels,
you could see, they were all healthy big wellfed babies of 3 weeks old.

They all got a ring, were measured and weighed,

Later on all the fluff on the grass for a familyphoto
....lots of fluff and eyes...
and as soon as possible back to their domain.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dangling seedfluff

Beechseedfluff hanging in a spider thread.
Wind playing with the seed, twirling it around and back and forth.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Later on today I went to M. celebrating her birthday.
She has loads of sparrows (mussen) in her garden,
so I took along my camera for a few shots.
I saw at least more than 20...flying around.
I think even more, young and fathers and mothers were flying off and on,
tjeeping sounds all around and everywhere.
Great to see and hear.
We sat all afternoon in the garden enjoying & watching them,
along with thee and drinks and lovely snacks.
Also the sparrows celebrated on breadcrumbs.

Its so nice to see..how curious looks they have on their face.

Flycatchers prey

It won't be long that the young flycatchers go on the wing.
Every day I expect the young peeking out of the hole of the nestbox.
But until now only the father and mother fly off and on to the nestbox.
I am always curious what the prey will be for lunch and breakfast.
though it is not always easy to get a glimpse of it
Today it seems to be kind of wigly insect and beetle.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The come and go of the poppies