Sunday, May 01, 2011

Goat Moth caterpillar

Today I encountered a weird creature, I've never seen nor heard before.
So I took it home, to find out all about it.
A very huge sized caterpillar, in orange and purple colors, the size of a finger!
Listening to the name of:
Goat Moth-caterpillar, Carpenter Moth, (Cossus cossus) Wilgenhoutrups

The caterpillars feed in the trunks and branches of a wide variety of trees, taking three or four years to mature.
The night moth that comes out, is greyish-brown.
I think the caterpillar was on its way to cocoon.
walking on the street, to find a place to hide in the ground for cocooning.
He seems to be eating quite of trunk, so he is not so loved.
Also he is not the most beautiful...but maybe one of the weirdest?


Mannie said...

And what do you do with it next??? Guess you don't want it in your hedge...

Iwings said...

Good question....
Any suggestions are very welcome..
I definitely don't want it in my hedge.