Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby common kestrels

Today I had an opportunity to come along and see how babykestrels were getting their ring
I had done this some years ago...same place (2007).
LinkThe parent kestrel, (Falco tinnunculus) (torenvalk,) sat on the house when we arived, but left when we came closer.
You could clearly see there were lots of babys in the house.
I was told there were 6 eggs.
A huge ladder was placed against the pole and birdhouse

As soon as the big bag came down, containing 6 babykestrels,
you could see, they were all healthy big wellfed babies of 3 weeks old.

They all got a ring, were measured and weighed,

Later on all the fluff on the grass for a familyphoto
....lots of fluff and eyes...
and as soon as possible back to their domain.

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