Monday, April 20, 2009

attacking selfimage

For several days the flycatcher is attacking his image in a bricklight,
which I put last year in my garden for some extra light on my path.

The glass in front of seamingly reflecting like a mirror.
which he cannot stand...
agressively he is attacking his mirror-image on and on.
thinking its an enemy....a thread!

I wanted first a photo , which he did not let me,
as soon as I came closer to make a photo, he left.
This morning I sat for a while in hiding and waited.
so there he was, after a while...on the attack again,
like a hummingbird hovering for the glass...attacking, chasing away his own reflection. (me and my camera)

Later I taped a kind of plastic foil on the it does not reflect anymore.
I hope for his goodness sake this will help.
so he gets rest and start his inspection for his house again.
to start building his nest, instead of spending all energy on fighting himself.

I was pondering throughout the days...this peculiar behavior.
how-many times do I, or we,...attack ourselves...thinking its our enemy?
seeing ourselves, reflected in the mirror............,
or seeing ourselves reflected thru some-body's eyes.....,
thinking negatively about what we think they might see ?
Or projecting ourselves on someone or something ?
judging, condemning....while meantime we attack, judge ourselves?
It's really a lookingglass-reflection-metaphor.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my dear--what delightful photos. Stunning! They fill my eyes.

Anonymous said...

je overpeinzingen zijn zó waar!!!