Wednesday, April 29, 2009

flycatchers new home

Finally the flycatchers-pair decided: "This is the new home" for the new breed.

It took a while...because father flycatcher had a lot of work to chase himself away..
every-time a car was parked near the nestbox...he saw himself in the glass-window,
thinking it was an intruder...
making severely chasing efforts to remove himself from the reflections in the glass.
(See my posts on April 20 and 16)
So next days I asked my visitors to park elsewhere their car.

So after being sure...
the fly catcher and his mate have started to bring their furniture in the new house.
Here you can see the female (who is a little lighter-brown) than the male
bringing in some of their new belongings.


Beth Niquette said...

How lovely! He even has a house number!

iwings said...

Oh yeh, almost all my birdhouses have a number, otherwise they don't know were to sent the mail.:-)