Saturday, April 21, 2007

cocoon papilio machaon

This morning, I watched the cocoons of the Papilio Machaon, Swallowtail, Koninginnepage,
(see last year posts about the caterpillar going into cocoon, project save the Queen)

I noticed the colors of 2 of them had changed,
and more than once I went for a look again,
in order to convince myself the colors had definitely changed.
so I took some photos.
It looked as if the grey/brown cocoons had become more orange,
as if the wings of the butterfly were shining through a little, becoming transparent.
I knew that this would gone happen, but I had only seen a picture of a green cocoon, changing colors, and these 2 both are grey.(The cocoons can be either green or grey/brown).

So making some get ready...!
Just in case....

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