Monday, June 22, 2009

Common Redstart

To my surprise there was another bird nesting in a shed at the same lovely place.

I could hear the thweating-chirrping of the young..hidden away against the roof behind a flowerpot.
Only the parents were so shy..I could only see a reddish blurr flying.
It was the Common Redstart ( Gekraagde roodstaart)(Phoenicurus phoenicurus).
I only had seen this beautiful bird on pictures...never real-time.
it was so great to have the opportunity to see a bird ...for me so unknown.

I was so happy, I had taken the meal-worms along with me.
That was the only chance to get a better view of these shy...blurring swift bird.
it worked out...the female bird greatly enjoyed the meal-worms...
and dared to come a little closer.
Showing her lovely reddish breast and tail in full color.
The male didn't...The only shot I could get, was very far away in a tree.
he has even more red and a black mask..
such a beautiful birds...!

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Catherine said...

Nothing "common" about this bird's beauty - what a lovely creature. How fortunate that you can be so close, with your offering of yummy meal worms!