Thursday, June 04, 2009

finch baby

This morning Bibi (cat) came home with a small little something in his beak
as always, he first drops his prey on the grass.
kind of showing off what he has caught...
if it is a mouse I leave it..but when it is bird...!!!!!!!!!!
I yell at him and take away his treasure.

This time it was was a bird.

The bird was rather unharmed......but way too young to leave the nest.
Bibi must have found the nest somewhere...and taken this bird out.
At such a time I hate cats...cruel monsters...they are!

I took the bird inside in my hand
what to do next???? is the question.
1 to find the nest...and put it inside.
3 do nothing...the bird will die definitely
4 try to feed it and see if he can survive.

I decided for the last option...
finding the nest or finding the garden seems impossible with too many options.

So now I am a finch-mother...
I put him inside a glass box in the old great-tit-nest.
tried to feed the bird with a pair of tweezers.

That goes rather well, the bird opens his I come close with my tweezers full of insect-pate
feeding the little birdy at regular times.
I hope he will survive..
The bird looks like a little finch...

If anyone has a good finchmom..please react..and tell

1 comment:

Beth Niquette said... this the darling little birdie?! What beautiful pictures. I'm sure he appreciated everything you did for him.

Usually if a cat has held a bird in its mouth it does not make it. Sadly.

Our cat has been bringing home such prizes, too--so far both have lived. Phew.