Monday, June 22, 2009

wren young

My friend A. mailed me she had visited friends,
who had a pair of wren nesting in a shed in a rope.

I asked if I it was possible for me to have a look too!
It was!

So I drove all the way to my friends, friends house, which lay in beautiful surroundings
lovely garden..lots of birds...lots of birdsinging!
And there it was...stuffed away in a tool-shed hidden in a string of rope...
a very little tiny nest hardly to be seen from a distance.
4 little ini-mini beaks peaking out.
and so now and then mother or father wren coming along feeding.
such beautiful little small birds.

and such a lovely place to be!
Thanx for welcoming me!


Anonymous said...

Ik zie dat het je gelukt is en dat ze nog niet uitgevlogen waren.
Wat een leuke foto's.
Heb je ze met de telelens genomen?
Wat wonen ze mooi hé?

grtjes Anneke

iwings said...

Oh wat leuk... je hebt het al ontdekt,staat er nl net 10 min.op.!

ja tele...anders werden de oudertjes te bang.
Een schitterend mooi plekje!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful sight. These wrens are so cute! Their parents sure chose an interesting nest site - how fortunate you are to have been able to visit them!