Wednesday, July 01, 2009

3 eggs

While I was cutting away some roses that were out of blossoming....

suddenly I bird flew frightened away, out of the ivy and the rose I was cutting.
That meant maybe.... a nesting place in the ivy..!
After some inspection ..there it was...a nest...
I had to go inside and grab a mirror and my cam.
because the nest was just a little bit too high for me to view inside.
The mirror does the work perfectly for looking inside the nest.
And ahhh...such beautiful eggs...three of them
a blackbird's eggs.

The nest is just above the garden-bench where I sit regularly in the cool of the shade
The bird didn't know... as it was too warm to sit there with these hot warm summer-days.
Its not such a safe place for a nest so close-by with Bibi-cat being around.
I hope the nest and the new coming birds will survive.


Ben said...

Hi! enjoys your blog pretty much especially the many awesome photos :)

Beth Niquette said...

What a lovely lovely photo. The blues, soft browns and greens make it perfect!