Sunday, July 12, 2009

dots appearing

I followed the progress of the newborn ladybird.
I checked about every hour to see what was going on...

After a while he spread out his inner wings,
I guess to let it dry.
in the beginning both wings are very soft and weak material.
the shields have to harden itself for a while.
that's why he sits there and waits before he can use his wings.
Meanwhile the process of drying..I saw the spots coming out...

Until it was too dark outside to see the color of the shield getting into more red.

This morning, when I looked again, the ladybird had taken his wings .......!

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Anonymous said...

Wat prachtig. Ik heb het vorig jaar ook gezien op mijn roos. Dit jaar heb ik helaas nauwelijks lieveheersbeesjes gezien.