Sunday, July 05, 2009

seed valerian

The seeds of the Valerian are ripe...

falling around the plant in plenty of numbers.
This one dangling on a spider-thread ready fall in the ground.
lovely parachutes on them, so the wind can play them a little further to unknown land.

In the medical world..Valerian is a plant that has rest-giving attributes.
to me, while sitting a lot under its shadow this summer,
it tells me of entering the rest that God wants to give to his people,
we have to strive to enter into that rest...Hebr 4: 11

It takes great effort to keep calm and peacefull in times of adversity...
when things seem to go all wrong.
Circumstances of life, blow over, stealing our trust, inward peace and therefore rest,
worry, anxieties, fears, take all over...
Entering into Gods rest is the only best place to Be.
Sitting under His Almighty rest-giving Shadow.

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