Thursday, May 28, 2009


I heard a bump on the glass-window,
looked outside,
a small baby-coal-tit had flown against the glass

I saw Tommy running to the struggling fledgling, who was now lying on the ground,
I rushed outside, screaming loud No! No! Neeeee!
Both cats know what that means...
so Tommy backed off a little,
that gave the little bird just a sec to flutter/flap away...
Because of the tumult Bibi was alarmed and he ran outside because I accidentally had left the door open.

So now two stalkers and me ..chasing the little bird.
Me, screaming loud again...No, No! Neeeeeeeee!
that helped again... cats intimidated, the bird flutter-flapped away...falling into the pond
where I could grab him out of the water before he drowned.
I held the frightened trembling little bird a while in my hands
I felt his soft warm feathers...wild looking eyes...squeaking a bit,
such a beautiful beauty.

Had to get Tommy and Bibi indoors, who didn't want to.
after a while that succeeded.
put the frightened bird outside on a table...ran inside to get my camera
meanwhile the bird had flown on the edge of the garden-seat
still wet and shaken.
a while later, we both relieved.... he flew safe into the trees


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, wow! What a story! I've had similar things happen in the past--how lovely that you were actually able to save the little fellow. And what a beauty he is.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photography and story--you had me on the edge of my seat!

Gerdien said...

hoi Henny
ik zie het zo voor mij gebeuren,
ik wou dat ik er bij was

groetjes Gerdien