Thursday, May 28, 2009

catching up

Catching up with the flycatchers(vliegevangers).
they were building their nest end of april.

I honestly thought after seeing no sign of both of them:
1. they were gone to my neighbours,
2. were eaten by Bibi,
3. had some other accident.
But a few days ago I saw them again!
both were flying to and fro the nest....
that means they have babies!
Today I waited with my camera for closer look.
The first 2 photos is mother-flycatcher,
she is a bit lighter-brown than the father, her breast is grayish-white
the father is more dark-brown/black, white breast and he has 2 white dots on top of the beak.

Mother has caught a centipede
Father has a beak full of other crawly creepy things.
(click-click images for better view on the creepy-things...:-)

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