Monday, May 18, 2009

nest inspection

The baby-coal-tits have gone out a few days ago.
a week ago I thought they had flewn out, but to my great surprise they didn't.
So this time I wanted to be sure they all had gone...and took some careful inspection beforehand.

The nest was empty.
Its always surprising to find what has been left...
and how the nest looks like, what it is made of...what materials are being used.
It was wonderful as you can see.
There was one egg left , which did not hatch.

Then as you enlarge the can see lots of hair.
probably the hair of my neighbours Samoyed's,
everyday my friend K. walks with her dogs along my house to the woods.
Maybe some hair of Bibi or Tommy? who can tell...
there are some long black hairs as well, probably from another dog.
Then the pink-reds and the blue piece of string...woven between the green moss is so beautiful!
its so fun to see.
Birds are so amazing

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Not even the most experienced fiber or felting artist could rival the beauty of this nest! How lovely to behold!