Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What happened to the toadstool? (see last weeks posts; 10 /18-okt),
Few days ago I saw that the toadstool had fallen forward, with its head down to the ground.

Yesterday I again decided to have a look.
It had rained all day and he was kind of melting and dissolving, merging with the earth.

This night I awoke at about 2 o'clock and it dawned on me that the toadstool had fallen with its head bowing down to the ground as a kind of worship! to God.
I was amazed...


Anonymous said...

Dear Iwing,I heard a lot of good things about you; but meeting you in your weblog is far better!Have a good time the coming days!

iwings said...

hi aafke, surprise your comment, we wll enjoy..! you too!

Anonymous said...

Like this: head down is a very good place to be before the Maker of every creature.

Or like the the trees : they will clap their hands before the Lord.


And I do, love Leopold, he is very cute, I ll introduce him to Erwin, maybe he can now change his mind a little bit about snails