Saturday, October 08, 2005

ugly ducklings

I never knew that the racingbirds were also called carrierpigeons,(as Kora told me).
I like that name much more, carrying a message or a package or some thing.
Years ago I was visiting another neighbor. He was a pigeonflyer and I was allowed to have a peek inside his pidgeonry.
He was breeding them also...and he told me about molting and even gave me a pidgeonring.

I painted 2 of his budding messengers...sitting in a plant dish and some straw.
They were about 6 or 7 days old, indescribable ugly and in their ugliness they were beautiful at the same time. They didn't look like the full-grown beauty-doves at all... more like ugly ducklings, or better say ugly dovelings.

Same thing with the seeds. Shape like a dot, hardly to see almost nothing.
But when planted and after long waiting...and long waiting, there is this beauty of a flower or even a tree.
And it does not look at all anymore like the small beginning of a seed.
Many things are like that, seemingly nothing, ugly, not useful,neglect-things, unworthy nothingness-things. Not recognising its seedform phase.
And grown-up over a long period of time...there is suddenly...
depends on what you & surprise!

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