Wednesday, October 05, 2005

sheer beauty

So much dazzling beauty and fascination in just a seed!
Amazing and I cannot get enough of it.
Only if I have the right eyes to see.
The plant happened to grow there by accident, its just a weed, wanted to root it out many times, but didn't for no reason. Now the plant is fullgrown and having seeds..sun shining on it...

So many times I don't see...busy with lots of things and 'have to do's' and forget about sheer beauty all around me. Its just there ...only I have to slow down, stand still and have a fresh look...
Instead of running rushing here and there, going too fast and mind full of worries and what more.

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Anonymous said...

Dandelions ALWAYS captivate me...There is such depth in your photography...but not only because you have 'eyes to see' but also because you know that there is 'more' to what you see...
Someone in Ireland, once spoke this 'poem' over me..Can I share it with you?
"I am persuaded by the dandelion
to take to the wings of the updrift
to parachute into enemy country
to fall to the ground
to be walked on
to lose beauty
to die
and so to give birth
to a whole new generation of flyers."

Your adventures are so life-giving!!