Thursday, October 06, 2005

Royal Mail

The doves who are flying their zeros and eights everyday are racingpigeons!
In Holland we call them 'mail-doves',(postduiven) and I really like that name much better... delivering our mail everyday... That's before we got snailmail and email.
My friend Kora, who lives in my street, also was puzzled about their going nowhere..making their circles around every day. She did a googlesearch and found out the doves must be definitely bringing our mail.

(see more about these doves in archives 31 aug)


Anonymous said...

When they fly their zeros and eights this afternoon, I will ask them to send you a letter! Yesterday I tried to take their pictures but they almost flew through my window. But ... I will keep on trying and when I succeed I will send the pictures to you!

iwings said...

I gone keep an eye on my mailbox!!!!!!