Thursday, October 13, 2005

update toadstool

Third day and 4day of the red beauty.
The two upper photos are the third day that I found them and you can see how he has grown bigger, and how the small one got a blush.
This morning I found the big one set as a table ready for dinner. Two segments are cut from the cake. I wonder who would have had a piece from this cake?


Anonymous said...

Such infinite much beauty encapsulated in the seemingly insignificant, unnecessary things in life...Why?
Your furry 'hedge-hopping friend's heart must leap with delight, at the sight of such brilliant tasty HIS garden!!

On another note...I love the way, the baby toadstool was nestled in, protected by the larger one...from above he/she was so completely covered...all-the-while developing his own blush!

Anonymous said...

beautifull pictures, sharp, very beautifull