Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update Bibi

Some of you readers, asked me how Bibi is doing now.
Since I wrote he had gone to the vet, which he didn't like very much.

He got from the vet a kind of give him some energy and strength.
He reacted immediately, he was even very, very alive for one night.
But for the next couple of days, he still did not eat, nor drink.
some maybe 2 laps...which he only wanted to drink out of the birdbath.
Every next day he lapped some more water...but still did not eat.
I gave him his favorites...cheese...salmon, milk...
Nope, he sniffed at it...turned around,
as if I had put some very poisonous thing in front of him.

Now few days ago he started to eat again..
first 2 or 3 catfoodchunks...
the next day about 5...and today he eats much better,
and as you can see he is much more alive.

What was the problem? I still don't know.
I am happy he is doing much better again.

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