Saturday, April 30, 2011


A few months ago, my garden got an dramatic change.
All the surrouding conifers were removed, because they were growing way too high.
The garden did't get a lot of sunshine anymore, because of the height of the conifers.
That was okee for years...
But when one conifer died last year,
The ugly brown dead spot forced me to do something about it.

Now a month ago, after having removed all the old conifers and their roots
and new ground on top, a new hedge was planted of red beech.
I love red beech...though when I decided to have these,
I hardly could imagine how it would look like in my garden.

Few weeks ago, after watering them almost every day,
the new plants are getting their leaves,
which makes the view quite a different one.
and....lots of sunshine!

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