Thursday, April 21, 2011

Queen out!

Yesterday evening I had to get something out of the garage,
And there he sat on one of my gardenboots.

I had stored the cocoon of the Swallowtail butterfly (Koninginnepage) in the window of the garage,
to keep him that he would not come out too soon.
(The rest of the house is much warmer).
That morning I had checked the cocoon, but didn't see, any sign he would come out.
I was mistaken.

There he was in full colors...
sitting on the boot, on the floor and I was happy that my eye caught him.
He could have been sitting anywhere in the garage, without me noticing.
I put him on the boot in the little glasshouse, because it was too late to let him outside.

This morning when it was warm and lovely outside I let him sit on my finger,
(its such a special thing, this tiny strong legs gripping your finger).
From there he flew off...circled a little around, till he disappeared high up in the blue sky.

1 comment:

Kerry O'Gorman said...

What a wonderful surprise for you! Lovely colours on him aren't they?