Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fly Catcher

I finally succeeded to catch a glimpse,with my camera, of the Flycatcher (Bonte vliegevanger).
He is such a quick bird...
and he has a lot of 'work' to do, such as:

1 He is chasing, catching flies everywhere.
2 He is busy marking his territory.
3 He chases away all other birds, who are coming to close.
4 He is tweet-tweet-tweeting loudly..calling his becoming beloved..
(really twitter cannot compete with his tweets.)
5 He is inspecting so now and then the birdhouse he likes...
That is the one on the beech...and ...
in my garden...(hoerah hoerah.)
6 When he sees himself in the glass-window...he thinks there is an intruder...
so he tries to chase away his reflection.
There are so many glasswindows on my house...

I love it to have him around my house.

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