Monday, June 08, 2015

Robins out!

This morning all the robins were gone.
They were gone very early this morning, without saying good bye.
Yesterday they were all bravely sitting at the back of the house, for me not so good to see them all.
or make photo's...because it is too dark inside at the back of the house.
When they were sitting in front of the house, when it was so extremely hot, that was an unique moment, I now see.
There have been 6 little robins in the nest!
One gone out, some days ago, the others five of them, I could see when they were all up front.

It was so nice as well that when I reinstalled the birdhouse for the second time, I arranged a nearby rosebranch over the house and some ivy, to camouflage the house a little bit.
Now the last couple of days the rose started to flower, with beautiful red roses!
That rose did never blossem so beautifully as it does now!
It was such a perfect sight, those little robins with those beautiful red roses arround!


Beth Niquette said...

As always, your photography is exquisite and extraordinary. I wish everyone could see your wonderful pictures. I'm surprised you haven't been discovered yet. ((hugs)) Have a great week, Henny.

Unknown said...

Wat hebben de oudjes de jonkies goed opgevoed, zeg. Netjes buiten boord drukken!