Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nestbox inspection

Today I did nestbox inspection in some of the birdhouses.
Most of the birds have taken their wings and the boxes are left with an empty nest.
Although some were not completely empty.
Its always fun to see the nests inside.
Lots of fluffy stuff, made of what?
Fluffy hair...but also colored spots of wool material, beautiful yellows oranges,and purples.
If you click the images, you have a better view.
I found a nest with a left alone egg and a nest with even two eggs.
I think they both are eggs from the coal-tits.

I even found that one nest with young inside!
I had not noticed that the bird was still breeding, or even had a nest inside.
I my opinion it was not even used...
So I shut down the box as soon as possible, hoping I did not disturb the parents.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Dat was weer even schrikken!!!

Het zijn prachtige nesten, ze hebben hun best gedaan om de kraamkamer mooi aan te kleden.