Saturday, June 06, 2015

First baby out!

Yersterday it was extremely hot. After having a lot of rain the last weeks, suddenly the weather changed into a very warm hot day.
The birds in the nest had been moving to the front of the birdhouse, I think to get more fresh air.
That was nice for me, so I could have a much better view on the little baby birds.
and make some photo's.
Suddenly, I sat down outside, I saw something pass by, it was a little tiny bird landing under the table.

I could not believe my eyes!
It must be one of the robins....
So immediately I grabbed my camera, thinking meanwhile...This is way too early or not????
Shall I grabb the bird and put it back in the nest?
First I decided to make a better photo, from low perspective.
Such a tiny cute little birdy...with all the fluff on top of his head.
Than the birdy started running before I was able to get him.
Also not knowing if this was a wise decision...I let go of the thought.
He ran under the hedge...and than disappeared.
Later I saw mother and child in my garden.
She had found that is a good thing.
The other birds are still in the nest.
Today less warmer, they all sat in the backside of the nest, not so visible for me to take photo's.
But yesterdays shots are great!

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