Sunday, April 29, 2012

It worked!

I was just thinking, reasoning and arguing with myself...being not so sentimental...
these thing happen...sometimes these birds don't find a mate, 
because the female flycatcher, also coming all the way from Africa, 
always arrives one or two weeks later.
Maybe she has had an accident on the way... or maybe there are fewer females or more males...

Then...when I looked outside how the flycatcher is doing...
I saw Her!

It Worked!
She arrived...I could hardly believe my eyes....
Thank you for sending her!
The female flycatcher arrived!!!!!

She sat near the nest box...I knew for sure it was her. notice the difference:
she is more brown, 
and her white stripes on the wings are smaller.

Flycatcher male, more dark, and bigger white stripes on the wings.

They seemed to like each other!

She inspected the birdhouse number 2, one of the houses he had chosen for her.

She inspected the house several times....flying in and out...away...coming back...going in and out again...
and repeated this for a while.

Then to my surprise, she immediately started to collect some housekeeping materials

and pulling the things inside.

He checked if everything was going fine and see if any help was needed.

 He sat for a while in the blossoming apple tree, being very romantic

and being very happy with his lovely bride.

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