Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cocoons Swallowtail

Yesterday one of the cocoons of the Swallowtail came out.
A beautiful butterfly fluttered against the window of the glasshouse
in which I had kept them stored over wintertime.
I let him fly right away.

Yesterday I noticed that the next one is planning to come soon.
A few days ago, both cocoons looked almost the same...
deep green colored.(like the one on the bottom)
When the butterfly plans to come out, the cocoon gets transparent.
The yellow and black colors of the wings are shining though.(top one)

However it is a lucky chance, when you are just in time to see the butterfly coming out.
In just a few seconds he's out.
So to stay all day on the look out,
I don't know...


Anonymous said...

You have to be very proud of yourself, saving so many queens!


Beth Niquette said...

This is just wonderful, my dear! I admire this so much--and such lovely pictures. You are such a talented young lady!