Friday, September 03, 2010


The third caterpillar had to cope with some difficulties.
In the beginning when they start to wander around to find a place on a branch or stem...he could not find his spot.
He started running around in circles and circles for miles.
I saw him getting exhausted..falling over...getting up..falling again
Tried to help him, to place some nice branches in front of his nose...
He did not want.
Finally I let go.

Next morning to my relief, he had found a spot on a branch, and started spinning...
After spinning the layer...very thick.
You can see how white the branch got.

He finally began to spin his little girdle.
I watched him for a while..but after some time I saw him hanging without a girdle.
Somehow either the girdle was too thin and it broke.
Or some other reason I don't know of.. that there was no girdle.
Did he use all his spinning-material on the layer and had he not enough for the girdle?

Doing nothing would mean he cannot cocoon on a normal way.
He would probably die.

I thought of helping him out ...the only thing I could think off
is making girdle and see what happens...
So I took a piece of thread...
I put it around his back and glued the ends of the thread on a nearby end of a twig
I have no idea if this is helpful...

We have to wait and see, if he can cocoon in this handmade safetybelt.


Beth Niquette said...

That is such a miracle--I had no idea that was how they accomplished their cocoon building. Fascinating and miraculous.

Beth Niquette said...

So...did the girdle work??? How precious he has you watching over him!

Catherine said...

How sweet of you to take such care to help!