Sunday, September 19, 2010

red deer

Its mating season for the red deer.
My sister and brotherinlaw took me along to National Wild Park (Hoge Veluwe)
where lots of red deer are being spotted in their mating season.

We were lucky to find the right spot.
Actually we could not miss it...
because we were not the only ones wanting to see them.
Hundreds of photographers had alreay installed themselves...with the most beautiful equipment&tools.
So we found a spot inbetween...

I don't know what was more interesting: the sight from our view on the red deer
or the sight from the deer on all the photographers.


Catherine said...

Oh my - look at him calling. How beautiful he is! Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

hahaha dat hebben wij vorig jaar gedaan.
En het gezicht van al die fotografen op een rijtje is echt de moeite waard. :))