Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today..lovely sunny day,
One of the caterpillars (The one I found a few days ago)
started spinning.
First he spun a layer on the stem of the plant.
And then he started making his safetybelt.
Its such a loevely sight.
More than 30 times I guess..making the girdle stronger and stronger.

When he was finished he sat down quietly.
Hanging a little in the belt, (frontlegs loose,)

Such a brave heart.


Beth Niquette said...

How amazing...how extraordinary--these photos and your narrative just fill my eyes and heart.

Gerdien said...

Hoi, volgens mij heb je de hele dag er weer met de snoet boven op gezeten!!!!!

Gr Gerdien

Catherine said...

Your documentation of these wonderful caterpillars is so touching. Thank you for sharing!