Friday, August 06, 2010


I was just wondering this morning about iwings...
that I would look it up...
How many years...somewhere around this time of the year.
I forgot...

Then I chequed my mail this morning.
Tears steamed down my face when I received so many e-cards for iwings being 5 now.
I was so stunned that you did not forget.

So I am so gratefull for all your warm loving congratulations, and being friends.
I baked this morning a digital cake for all of you.
Just enlarge the cake(doubleclickclick cake)
so you can cut for yourself a piece, as much as you like.
and have a second one...or a third..

Thanx so much for following Iwings on his journey on the worldwideweb.



Kerry O'Gorman said...

Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful images...and the cake!

Beth Niquette said...

Indeed--I am so happy your day was a wonderful one! ((hugs))