Sunday, July 18, 2010

Queen is back

I was extremely surprised when I sat in my garden this morning,
suddenly seeing the Queen again!
As I always name this butterfly...because in dutch he is named Koninginnepage.
In English Swallowtail.
Three years ago when it also was tropical back in 2006...he visited my garden.
Normally in colder summers they stay in France, Belgium...not coming much higher north.
Back then I collected the caterpillars and later watched them go into cocoons.
A year later(2007), I waited to see the butterfly come out.
This whole project I named 'Save the Queen'.
if you are interested: click under labels (Save the Queen 3)
and Save the Queen 2
& Save the Queen 1
Now he is here again!
I do hope he comes back.
Its such a beauty.

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Beth Niquette said...

Your lovely queen is beautiful indeed--and what a special blessing to have such a visit each summer! Beautiful photos!