Sunday, July 25, 2010

lots of small tortoiseshells

On a ride with my sister A, we were going through a beautiful path along the river and fields.
Suddely we saw on a windstill place this group of thistles, loaded with butterflies.
(click-click on overview for better counting)
It were all Small Tortoiseshells (Aglais urticae) (Kleine vos)
sitting and dancing from flower to flower.
Never seen so many all together.
quite astonishing...

A few moments when the sun hided behind some clouds,
instantly all butterflies disappeared for a while going in kind of hiding,
coming back some moments later when the sun broke through again.


Beth Niquette said...

How colorful--I don't know if I've ever seen butterflies like these before--or are they moths?

At any rate--these photos just fill my eyes.

Catherine said...

What an amazing sight - and incredible experience to see these beautiful butterflies all together on the thistles! They are lovely - thanks so much for sharing your photos!