Friday, July 09, 2010

folded wings

I saw him again, this (White Admiral, kleine ijsvogelvlinder, (Limenitis camilla) .
this time with folded wings.
I see him so now and then, but he does not like so much to pose.
as he is always on the move.

Some time later I saw a butterfly landing on a rose,
when I wanted to look closer I could not find him anymore.
When I looked was as if a dead leaf was sitting on the rose.
It a Comma, (Polygonia c-album),Gehakkelde Aurelia.


Mannie said...

Wat is die aurelia mooi!!! Net een stukje (berken)bast. Prachtig.

Beth Niquette said...

These are wonderful photos--I love the wings of that butterfly...or is it a moth?

These photos just fill my eyes.