Friday, August 07, 2009

flying red

I saw him flying in the air...
but mostly you are not absolutely sure that this redish flying object is a ladybird
and not some other insect, like bees and flies.(though you're almost sure).

He landed right in front of me in the grass.
He definitely was a ladybird.
He started walking on a grass-blade.
When being at the end, the blade of grass bowed down because of his weight.
he stepped over to another one,
balancing with all of his six legs like an acrobat on a rope.
Till he suddenly lifted his wings!

I always wanted to make a photo of a ladybird on flight.
so you can see his red shields going up and see his underwear.
most of the time you always too late This time it was spot on!


Catherine said...

This is an amazing set of photos. I've never seen a ladybird's wings set for flight before. It's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos!!

Beth Niquette said...

I just can't believe what you are able to capture with your camera. You are amazing. These photos are wonderful.