Friday, August 21, 2009

double portion

Almost every evening around 10.30,
a hedgehog is roaming around.
he sniffs out the grass...for something yummy.
Sometimes he finds the leftovers of Tommy and Bibi.
not always, when the tray is empty.

Quickly I filled the tray...
Very soon he discovered his treat.
I stayed close ... I could hear his funny loud smacking.

He didn't notice me so close
when he wanted to leave, he almost bumped on me,
frightened he ran away...
then he bumped on Tommy who was laying under a chair.
Both jumped up kind of startled.

I filled his dish again...
After a while he came back, enjoying his second portion.


Beth Niquette said...

how wonderful, now quaint to have a hedgehog living in one's yard!

VERY cool!

Catherine said...

Oh, he's wonderful! I've long been fascinated with hedgehogs - what a thrill it would be to have one living in your garden! He is so cute - your pictures are great and love your descriptions, too. I hope he comes back tomorrow for another snack!