Sunday, June 15, 2008

lieve Heers beestje

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A ladybird, is called in dutch 'Lovely animal of the Lord',(LieveHeersbeestje)
Although he is now damaged and cannot fly anymore, he is still a Lovely animal of the Lord.

I pondered this week about this...what happened with the ladybird,
as a methaphor being amplified on my screen.

I feel kind of that, after I have fallen, now 4 months ago.
I bruised my back severely and my backbone is damaged in a way I don't like.
I cannot walk anymore as I could before,
and flying through life seems impossible.
Yet I learn through this brokenness, going through this fire
that The lord loves me and that my friends around me love me.
His Love is there, when you are healthy, happy and okee,
His love is there, when your life falls apart, is being broken and bruised,
that is hard to believe...when things go fine in can believe that way easier...
when things go think...He is against you...,
does not care or love you ...leaving you all alone.

I am still His lovely one
and so are you!

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